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1520 Some Apps Access Data Connect Some Only Work on Wifi?!.

Christoph Casey

New member
Sep 16, 2015
A problem has recently popped up on my Nokia 1520 (AT&T)
Recently, some of my Apps work on my Mobile Data Connection (3G,E,LTE,4G) like Accuweather, Twitter, Rain Alarm, I Heart Radio.
Other apps only work on my Wifi connection, like Weatherbug, Yelp, Gasbuddy, Foodspotting, Tune-In Radio.
All these apps have background data allowed.
My locations are set to on.
Battery Saver is turned Off.
My O/S is Denim 8.10.14219-37028.
Firmware is 02540-00019.14484-37028
Someone told me to go into my settings & change them -
They said to switch from Automatic to Manual & selecting All Bands
Tried that & then switched back to Automatic
Turned ENS Off & On, currectly it's On.
CMAS RMT is Off.
Polling was at 3 Seconds, Tried 5, 7 & 9.
I don't want to Hard Reset the phone, it'll be a PITA to reinstall my apps & customize again; there's gotta be something I'm missing?!.


New member
Nov 12, 2012
a) Windows Phone saves your start screen now (HUGE benefit)

b) are you on the nxtgenphone APN???

I swear that is messing up phones. Not every market is as HDvoice ready as they believe and probably your phone is failing to lock on an HDvoice upgraded tower at times so data doesn't F - L - O - W so much as wibble-wobble.

If this is you: revert to an earlier APN like "phone"

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