Finally giving up on Windows phone and need suggestions


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Mar 6, 2014
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I'm finally giving up on Windows Phone.

After hearing no news regarding new phones or Andromeda, as well as pivotal apps dying such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on so I am making the move to Android (never Apple).

The big question is what phone should I buy people????

I love a good camera but I also like all the functionality and customization that came with the Windows Phone, and of course all of my contacts, calendar, emails, documents are all in the Microsoft ecosystem (OneDrive, Excel, OneNote, etc) and I have a Surface Book 2.
As I have no clue and never owned an Android I was hoping for suggestions.

From what I can see the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Google Pixel 3 both sound great...…



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Apr 2, 2017
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I got myself a xiaomi mi 9 se. It's a great phone if you want something pocket freindly, affordable but high end. Needs a case because of camera extrusions but you get those everywhere. It's snappy as, clean, great camera, great size and the 3000 mah battery lasts longer than you'd think (it severely beats my old lumia 950)

Some things about android way more polished, like gestures using the microsoft launcher, animations etc. On the hand they weren't really needed on windows phone because the UI is very intiutive and less fiddley. Definately miss the tiles. On the plus side, more apps, lol. And you can use an android phone with very minimal use of google services (ie just for play store access), and be all in on microsoft.

One thing I'd recommend wholeheartedly is either cobalts blackberry manager, or paying for access to blackberry apps. Because despite now not having access to txt messages, 'inbox' can collate every other significant communication (skype, whatsapp, messenger, multiple emails etc), and android notifcations are a bloody mess to deal with. Even if you manually block notifications from everything you don't want, the notification shade is a bad place to get any communications summary.

Just adding that one 'blackberry inbox' app makes android significantly more tolerable.


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May 28, 2017
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I came also from WM 10 (Lumia 950), I'm using a Nokia 8, very good, quick no lags phone. Camera is okay.
Also I put OneDrive and Outlook on my phone to sync my contacts to my Nokia. It's a basic Android, that's what I like about Nokia, now there's already the Nokia 9 which has a great camera I hear. So I'm still happy with my Nokia since Feb 2019 when I stopped using my Lumia 950.


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Nov 13, 2012
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Sadly I'm too thinking to leave Windows Phone at the end of this year. I was hanging with my Lumia 1520 for over 5 years now, replaced the screen and the battery and still living with frustrating issues on the phone after it fell few times, but I kept hanging and hoping for a new device from Microsoft, yet nothing promising seems coming.
I decided to go with Android One and a new Nokia phone. I have a work iPhone for 3 years but I couldn't get used to it.

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