For those who have worked as a sales associate in a corporate AT&T store...


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Oct 19, 2014
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I ordered a Nokia 1020 on the AT&T site and they directed me to pick up the phone at a local corporate store. I stopped in, signed in and told the guy what I wanted. He went back and got the phone (I saw it in his hand), went over and spoke to the manager (for another 15 minutes), and suddenly on my own Windows phone (the new one is for my wife) I get an email that I had cancelled my order. Sales guy comes over and asks for my license. He walks away for 30 seconds and then comes back and asks for it again. Then he says "The online order didn't go through - we had to cancel it and just put it through from here." I felt completely... disrespected? since I had already been there for so long. My question is, do they get credit if I place an order online and pick it up? Could it be that they made me wait because the manager told him to cancel the order and replace it so that the store got credit for selling it? Not really looking for speculation - I can do that myself. Really looking for someone who knows for sure.

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