Forced Mango, Diagnostics Codes, and ATT phone replacement.

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Mar 8, 2010
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Hey guys. I need some input here. First off, I forced the Mango update (woohoo), and it's perfect. But the problem I'm having (and have had) is that my phone's screen has some stuff burnt into it. It's and image of my start screen... you can see the Messaging, Phone, Facebook, and IE logos faintly. I was planning on going to ATT to get it replaced, but I upgraded to Mango without thinking about the fact that it's not officially released. Do you guys think ATT will replace it? Or should I wait for the official release, and then go in? Also, does anyone know if the Diagnostics Codes for WP7 work on WP7.5? I imagine they do, but I'd like to be sure. Lastly, has anyone experienced a color change in their phones with the update? I used Lime as my accent color, but after the update, it looks washed out. No other colors changed (compared it to another phone with the same forced update). Thanks for any input!

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