French Lumia 950XL: Unable to get Cortana? & Difference between Snapdragon 808 & 810?


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Nov 28, 2012
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Last Saturday, December 5th, I was visiting a Saturn in Berlin, where they have Microsoft stands as well as MS sales reps. As I am interested in the Lumia 950XL Dual SIM and that it is not available in europe enywhere else than France, I of course asked the sales rep what she thought and she told me that just recently a client told her, who bought the France Lumia 950XL DS, that he was unable to get Cortana going. He used all the Settings you have to enable and speech languages that need downloading but Cortana did not appeared.

Can anyone verify this story? Is it indeed impossible to get Cortana going on a French Lumia 950? The sales rep told me that it probably will work as soon as the Windows Insider is expanded to the 950 series as well but for now it seems not possible.

This is off course a major factor for my buying decision. As I would like to use the Lumia 950 as a quasi laptop replacement I dod need to know if Cortana would work or not on the French version, or whether or not the slight processor difference in the 950 and 950xl make a big enough difference to justify going for the XL Dual SIM? I also need Dual SIM as i hate to have two phone around (business & private).

In general I find MS decision to selectively sell the XL Dual SIM only in a few countries rather stupid.


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May 25, 2014
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i have the French 950 XL DS and Cortana works - but I am using the phone in French, I haven't downloaded other languages yet. I don't see why other languages wouldn't work but i'll let someone who's installed other languages answer if it also work on theirs

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