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Fundamental flaw of WP8 - app data backup and restore


New member
Nov 4, 2013
Hi All,

I recently bought a Lumia 520 to try out WP8.
Though I really like the UI, I was stunned to realized there is no way to backup
app data like in iOS, which means if I buy a new phone, all my app data will be gone(e.g. game progress)

This is totally unacceptable. Does any body know when MS is going to implement this feature?
My Lumia 520 will certainly be my last windows phone if this feature is not present in WP8.1.

Without the backup-restore capability, WP8 can not be taken seriously.

P.S. There is also no built-in tool to back up app data in Windows 8.1, are you kidding me MS?


New member
Feb 1, 2013
I've noticed the same, it bugs me too. But Windows Phone 8.1 is meant to further unify Windows 8(.1) and Windows Phone 8(.1). It has been confirmed that one of the new features will be the syncing of theme colors and settings across the two platforms, so I think it's safe to say app data backup will be coming as well.

But yeah, I hate how it's lacking this too. Had my Lumia 1020 since July, and I absolutely love Windows Phone 8. But ever since I got my Surface Pro 2 a few weeks back, therefore getting my first full exposure to Windows 8(.1), I've realized how much more developed Windows 8(.1) is, and how immature Windows Phone 8 still is. Hopefully Windows Phone 8.1 is everything it's being hyped up to be, because further unifying the platforms would be great.