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Gdr 2 for Lumia 920


New member
Oct 15, 2013
Hey guys is there anybody who installed gdr 2 on Lumia 920? Please tell how is it?are there many bugs?is it worth installing on primary device?


Retired Ambassador
Sep 26, 2014
When I went to build 10080 first GRD2 was installed and I played a little bit with it without problems.
Settings are a little bit more organized but they will change again in W10.
But it is also not that impressive or must have update in my opinion.
And the only why to get it is via the insider app and you could end up with W10. For me GRD2 came as a separate update but my 930 jumped direct to W10.
So if you go for it it probably will not give you problems but you may need to roll back so be prepared for that just in case.
But I would not use it for my primary device.