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Brandon Patnoe

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Nov 16, 2016
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I got my Microsoft Band 2 last December for my birthday. I loved it, and I have wanted it to work for close to a year. I'm currently on my SIXTH ONE! I've had every single issue reported about them... loss of Bluetooth connectivity, split band on four of them (normal wear), heart rate quit working, two of them quit charging and working altogether.. they're complete garbage and I wouldn't recommend them to anybody. The longest any of them worked without issue was about four weeks. I replaced five of them through the geek squad coverage at Best Buy, and the last through Microsoft. It's probably too late to get my money back now that I've finally given up on the product.


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Aug 8, 2014
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That sounds like some bad luck. I've had mine for over a year and have only had to replace 1 because of a loose battery connection that caused the Band to stop taking a charge. I wear it every day and even used it to train for a marathon in the spring.

Beside the defect of the battery wire coming loose inside the strap, I've only had two other relatively minor issues. First, the battery with GPS only lasted 3 hrs 45 mins and recorded 18 miles of my marathon. This was my first full marathon, and I honestly did not expect that the battery would last the entire run, which took me 6 hours.

The other issue is that over time the altimeter becomes less accurate and counts extra floors climbed. I think the wind is the cause of some of this inaccuracy, but sometimes I wake up in the morning and the Band already shows that I climbed 1 floor during my sleep inside my 1 story house.


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May 29, 2013
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I had a Band 2 since January of this year. After about the four months of daily use, I had to replace a cracking strap. Then, in July, I had to replace another because the battery stopped taking a charge. Then, just this past weekend, my last Band started cracking again. I went into the Microsoft Store near me knowing full well that they were discontinued, but hoped they had some stock reserved for replacements. I was kind of out of luck, because they had none left.

The good news (kind of) was that they gave me a full cash refund for it. So, technically, I got to use a really cool watch for almost a year, then got my money back for it.

I miss it already though...Apart from the questionable build quality/durability, I didn't realize how integral it was to my daily routine until I no longer had it. I get your frustration and agree with all your points, but I can't overlook how cool it was :/

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