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Getting really bored now ....


New member
May 28, 2013
... with no black/gdr3/update 3.

I'm a patient person and have been patiently waiting for this update, however this is just getting ridiculous.

Having browsed the Nokia black update page the past few months, the clear message has been that the higher spec phones have been getting them first, slowly going down the list to the lower spec phones. OK, fair enough, I can wait. The exception is the 520, which has it now before us, but I'm not surprised considering how popular that phone is around the world, so don't mind that the 520 gets it before us, makes sense in a way for Nokia/Microsoft.

The fact though that EVERY 620 in EVERY country (AFAIK) still says "waiting for approval" is ridiculous - this cannot because of the carriers, it must be at Nokia's end. Again, I wouldn't mind if it had at least got to the "coming soon" stage, even if only in some countries, this would at least make it known that work is being done, expect it very soon etc.

I know there are the odd Lumia's (non-620) on the odd carrier that still are "waiting for approval" but taking the UK, where I am, as an example - the non 620's still waiting are the 920 & 520 on 3 and 820 on Vodafone. The fact that a) every other carrier have updated their 520's and 920's and b) 3 have updated their 925 & 1020, Vodafone have updated their 1020, 925, 920, 625 and 520 prove that, in every other case, it appears to be the carrier as to why a non-620 hasn't been updated.

Hopefully, it is the case that Nokia has now given the update to all/most carriers by now, meaning, that we will see actual progress within the next week, but considering how long it's taken already, and how long most other phones have had black, I'm not going to hold my breath.


New member
Sep 6, 2013
I know the feeling of waiting a long time for updates. As an EE 920 user, I was one of the last to receive the Amber update. It was surprising to see EE actually release the 920 update fairly quick this time around. I thought I'd be in for a very long wait again.

It does appear that this wait for 620 users is down to MS and/or Nokia, not the carriers. I wonder if they are trying to iron out some problems that are specific to the 620, or whether they intentionally made the 620 range the last to be updated. You would have still expected some to be 'Coming Soon' if the latter was the case though by now.

I personally now choose to have the OS update through the Developer Preview method, so it saves me from waiting for carriers to push it down. Firmware though, you need to wait for the carriers anyway. I will be getting the WP 8.1 update through the Developer Preview method as well, as I can see carriers taking even more time to finalize that larger update. You may want to consider this option for getting WP 8.1 much earlier than your carrier can release it. Just a shame you can't get the firmware updates like this as well.