Grass isn't greener on the other side


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Feb 6, 2015
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I may just have to see it in person. I just like that Sony is one of the only companies making a sub-5" flagship, which is why I'm drawn to the Compact.

FYI- It looks like B&H Photo is giving a $25 gift card with purchase of a Nexus 5x.

Yep, just ordered from them with that price drop and gift card offer. They are great and they ship very fast! You sound like me with the phone preference. They are also great with returns even though you will have to pay for return shipping. I like the Sony Xperias that are small too. Apparently, the Nexus 5x is very light, even lighter than the 640.


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Apr 21, 2015
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Now that Lenovo has bought Motorola I don't expect future updating like we have seen in the last few years. Lenovo's has a history of not updating their phones, and thus I'm not sad to see they have not announced plans to make any W10M phones. It's a little sad because despite having had to replace the screen on my daughter's Moto G (2nd gen) many times I think it's a pretty nice phone despite her needing to run for a charger when she gets home from classes.

As for the OP the grass is not greener. Every OS has it's issues and we have to make little compromises. For me that means carrying a small Android 5.1 phone around for those little annoying (to me) apps that are not available on WP8.1. I simply WiFi share internet over and get whatever odd app's business done.


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Sep 28, 2011
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I bought a OnePlus 2 and have been messing with it. It's as close to stock Android I think you can get and honestly I'm not impressed. Sure there may be more apps, but in my opinion most of them suck. There's no hue app as good as Huetro, no calculator as good as Calculator 2, and no IP camera app as good as IP Cam Controller.

Now there are widgets that try to do the same thing as live tiles, but most of them fail miserably, not even close to the same level of integration.

Are there cool things, absolutely, like casting content and having control directly within notification center and the opening screen.

But, I'm not really impressed, and will be saving up for the HP phone and hope that W10M stays strong, because it really is the best OS. After trying all three major players, I can say that with confidence.

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Jul 12, 2015
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The grass is never going to not need watering every now and then on all 3 players, well, Duopoly +1 other.

What gets me are Google's mind numbing "Be Together, Not the Same" marketing campaign yet there hasn't been an interesting Premium experience outside the Lumia, LG G-Flex, or Samsung Edge series of smartphones. LG is going to release their modular flagship, and Samsung got the kick in the mouth they deserve to bring back SD Card expansion. Even at that, it's still "more of the same". I think the HP X3 was shoulder to shoulder with LG's G6, but compared to these two phones nothing else stands that much out aside from Samsung's GS7 Edge.

I think Google needs to reevaluate how "Never the Same" everything is. Because last year was wimpy compared to some really nice phones shown this year.

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