[Guide] Installing Redstone on Unsupported devices (X2X Series)

John Christopoulos

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May 9, 2014
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I was very disappointed with all insider builds so I would not come back to windows mobile. But recently I d did something risky which turned to flawless!!!
I spoofed my 1020 and made it look like a Lumia 830. I used wpinternals, then Windows application deployment app. Joined the program and got my first build. It was 10586.107, a very fast build but with a critical bug of missed calls and texts . Then usually going further, I could v be able to install the next available build, of currently Redstone 3. But this time, this was not going to happen. Why? Because the 830 was not eligible for any update It the creators update and further. This means I am stuck with.107 It to back to 8.1
But,s flash came to me, and did something risky! I excited the program and went to phone update. And yes, I started getting 14393.1066
The thing headed to the official release of redstone going straight to my "830" with thankfully no firmware but just the os, and this was my fear because It any firmware was installed I might have lost my phone. But thanks to Microsoft, that never updated most of the lumias, I was safe to enjoy the official and bug free redstone build, and It it's by far the most stable build have I ever tried. Now my phone works perfectly, no issues, battery is superb, and I think It it's worth trying. Do It at your own risk, but I think It it's safe

For Lumia camera app, It you cannot find it in store, just edit the registry, navigate to the keys where this tutorial shows, and find the key that has a value of 909. That it's the name or the phone, nokia 909, so change it to Lumia 1020 and save/write. That's It! Go to store and the application will be there


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Mar 26, 2013
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This guide worked like a charm to revive my Lumia 920 !
I'm all the way up to build 10.0.15063.297 now..

I am facing problems with Bluetooth though - every time I try to add my headset via "Add Bluetooth or other device", it gives me an instant error stating "Couldn't connect / turn on bluetooth / try updating driver through Windows Update in Settings"

Also, I believe Glance screen is empty at the moment... a few hard resets later, and I don't think I'm much closer to finding a solution for either of the issues.. am holding off updating the Extras & Info app based on some comments I had read on xda...

Anybody face the same issue ? Have a resolution ?


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May 20, 2017
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Hello, I have an issue, if you could help me I would be grateful. I used this guide to update my 925 and everything worked excellently, I was receiving every build up to 15063.540. At that point, I had to do a reset due to issues with Xbox app, but when it restored, the registry values returned to the default ones. I then installed interop tools and its dependencies, and switched the registry to make it look like a 650 (and later a 950). I checked the about page and it showed Lumia 650 (and later 950) so the tweak was successful. The problem is that I am not receiving any new builds! Does anyone know why is that? It worked perfectly and now it broke!

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