has anyone found out why lumia 640 xl's are unable to boot all of a sudden?


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Feb 11, 2016
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2 days ago my wifes lumia 640 xl stopped booting, and as of 6 hours ago, my 640 xl quit booting as well. My wifes device is NOT on the Insiders preview release. My device is on the fast ring, but i have not updated to the latest build.

The issue:
~Both devices: when power button is pressed, screen shows initial Microsoft screen, then ether 1: powers down, or 2: reboots, giving the short vibration indicating reboot, displaying initial Microsoft screen, ...boot loop repeats.

~Boot loop only occurs while device is connected to external power source.
~While disconnected from external power source, device displays initial Microsoft screen, then shuts down.
~My device did not begin displaying issue until i allowed my battery to completely drain to 0% and device automatically powered down.
~~After which point i connected device to external power. device did not auto power on (like it usually does), i pressed power button, device briefly displayed initial Microsoft screen, then displays master dead battery icon, then shuts down.

~It seems like the device will not recharge battery.

~I have tried switching batteries, i have used every charging cable that i own, as well as every AC adapter with proper voltage output.
~connected device to my linux machine, which can detect my device by its name, but is unable to properly mount it.
~i will fire up a Windows 10 VM and see if any progress can be made.

I will update with any new / relevant information, as well as answer any questions the community has for me.

I apologize for the length of this post.
Thank you for your time and assistance.


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Nov 12, 2012
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I still suspect this is an issue tied to that Insider "update" as it also was pushed to some Production/non-Insiders.

Either way, I believe a WDRT use is unfortunately necessary.

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