Help needed - Can't Custom Ringtones for Contacts / People in Windows 10 Mobile


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May 23, 2015
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My ringtones are all working and present on the phone. If you set a sound in say Outlook for notifications, it will see all of the custom ringtones and allow you to set them. However, something has changed where this does not happen in People / Contact. My last hard reset of the phone updated to the last public release, and I can only choose default sounds for my Contacts. I updated it to Fast Ring and the problem still remains.

I don't get know why this has stopped working. Does anyone else?? I am on the latest fast ring release as stated and even after a fresh install on the public release it was still busted.


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Aug 15, 2015
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Are they stored on the device or the SD card? (Can they be stored on the SD card, I don't know as I've not got one?).

If they're on SD card, try moving them to the device storage instead. It could be that the Outlook app is able to find the tones on SD card but perhaps an update to the People app has affected its ability to do the same? (Purely guessing here!)

All I can tell you is that my custom tones are stored on my device. In the file explorer app > this device > ringtones folder.

I'm on build 15228 on my 950, and I've just tried to set a custom tone to a contact without one via the People app, and all custom tones appeared in the list to choose from.

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Bob Isaacs

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Aug 2, 2013
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I just had to do a hard reset on my 950, as my Windows 8 app had all quit working. I am having the same issue with ringtones! They are in the correct folder on the device. I can see them in the folder! I can select them from the control panel for sounds. I cannot select them in contacts! Has anybody found a solution?

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