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Hi Dan, have you seen the videos on the Surface Go Amazon site?

Ramin Rezai Rad

New member
Aug 11, 2018
I think it is a shame that one of two videos, the only "review" video, is just by someone who is actually only reviewing Chrome on the Surface Go. Yet this video is clicked thousands of times because it is posted prominently on the main goto place if you want to buy a Surface Go and read / view a review.

Please, please can you post an actual presentation of the device there?
I think this video
that you did much better represents what to expect from the Surface Go.

Here is the Amazon site:

There is a section where you can upload related video shorts.
The guy with the video has also the second "most helpful" negative review, where you can see that he has clearly no idea how to evaulate the performance of a device.

I guess just because he has his video on Amazon it is 10 times more viewed than your review where you really put work in.
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