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How can I change my Phone language?

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I can't change my Phone language

Hi there!
I was using my 920 for some time now, tried Windows 10 preview for some time, but wanted to go back to 8.1 as it is more stable.

When I reinstalled 8.1 via Microsoft recovery tool, I could not set Polish as Phone language. I can set any other language as my Phone language, but not Polish.
Polish can be set as any language/region setting, but I cannot set Phone language to Polish.

What should I do? Did MS tool download a wrong rom or what? Can anyone help?


Apr 16, 2011
Re: I can't change my Phone language

In the settings menu of Windows Phone 8.1, right underneath the language settings, there is a region settings. What do you have set there? You may have to change that to Poland to see Polish as a language option.