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How can I Delete 10?


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Delete "10"

How does one sadly Delete "10" it's just not what we want! Very disappointed because Edge seems to have screwed up the way Yahoo Mail works. One clicks on a mail goes to their site and then when you desire to return to Yahoo Mail rather then the old system where your asked: Delete this site or Delete all; we are Forced to accept the one choice Delete All which takes us away from Yahoo Email and back to Search with Edge!


Retired Ambassador
Dec 4, 2012
Re: Delete "10"

Don't understand your problem, but you can always use internet explorer or chrome or firefox. you are not FORCED to use edge.


Apr 16, 2011
Re: Delete "10"

You don't need to delete Edge from your computer. You can just use a different browser. You can download Firefox or Chrome, or you can use Internet Explorer, which is still in Windows 10. From the Edge browser, you can click the three dots in the top right corner to open the menu, and choose Open in Internet Explorer, and use IE to view your websites.

However, if you just simply don't like Windows 10, there is a menu option to revert back to Windows 7. Go to Settings, choose Update & Recovery, then choose Recovery. In there, you will have an option for the first 30 days that will allow you to revert back to Windows 7.