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How can I delete all of the history and temp files from my computer?

sep blat

New member
Oct 14, 2015
Deleting all the history, temp files from my computer


I have bought a used (second hand) computer with windows 8 installed and when I opened firefox, I have noticed that the owner was visiting lots of porn websites. And also hot spot shield was installed which I can imagine why that was installed :| (for accessing censored porn websites maybe?).

I have deleted browser history, and also uninstalled hot spot shield. but my question is that how I can be sure that I have deleted all cashed files, images from the computer? I already moved all my files to the computer so I dont want to format it.

I just want to be sure that if I borrow my laptop to my family members, they dont see any porn image/files that has been saved temporarily on the system.




New member
Jun 27, 2014
Re: Deleting all the history, temp files from my computer

If you put your files in separate partition other than the Windows partition OR they're in default Windows folder (Documents, Music, etc) then it's safe to 'Refresh' your PC, which will revert Windows to its original state without deleting personal files. As always data backup is strongly recommended. That's the fastest, automatic, and absolute way, IMO, other way you can use 3rd party app like CCleaner or just Disk Cleanup, but I can't be sure nothing's left, and it's too much of hassle compared with starting new it's your new PC anyway.