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How can I find my "Admin" user password?

Paul Blackham

New member
Sep 26, 2018
Hi everyone, I seem to have the job of looking after the computers in our local church office!!
The one that I mostly deal with (Windows 7) has an "Admin" + 4 other user accounts (which I set up & are all running fine).
Yesterday I tried to add another user to this machine & I am being asked for the "Admin" password. Weirdly I have no record of a password & do not remember being asked when setting up the existing accounts.
This machine was bought as reconditioned and has never given any trouble, but I do not have a "Windows" installation disc for it.
Does anyone know if there is there a way that I can resolve this?
Do you suppose that the vendor I bought from might have this password?
Any advice/suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks, Paul.


May 15, 2013
Perhaps someone else set up an admin password?

Can you login to the admin account?

How did you try to add the user account?

If you can login to the admin account without a password and tried to add an account via a standard user you will get a prompt for a password. Since there is no password to the user accessible admin account (there is a hidden system admin account which is why I said user accessible admin account, it's hidden by default), you can simply press enter after choosing the admin account

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