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how can i fix cortana freezing after I've typed a command?

Balint Bosman

New member
Mar 15, 2014
Since the previous insider build (the one before 14328), cortana has stopped working. She does respond to "hey cortana", but when cortana starts listening, it just shows the black cortana background with open rings on top and nothing else (so she is not yet listening). When typing a command like "remind me" and pressing enter she thinks about it for a very long time, and then she searches the web for it. I have tried:
doing a system integrity check,
changing my region, language, speech and cortana to both english(UK) and French,
disconnecting my microphone and setting it up.
None of these worked. I do not live in the united states, but changing the region worked in all previous builds, so i don't see why it shouldn't work in this one.

I would be very thankful if anybody could help me with this.