How can i get 1 click DVD play back in windows 10


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May 10, 2017
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For years and years I have used Bd-rom drive a DVD Drive and MPC to play my dvd's and dvd iso files. With windows 10 I now have to open the dvd in file explorer and click the .ifo file to actualy play the dvds with MPC instead of just clicking the drive and it starts playing or open MPC and open the DVD drive from the file menu. I have looked at context handlers in the registry and I just cannot seem to find the one that will associate opening a DVD drive to a program, which it obviously does because explorer opens. Autoplay and default programs seems to be worthless the first just wants me to pick an app from the store and the other just doesn't open the DVD.

So does anyone know how to get one click DVD play back into Windows 10 with a mounted DVD disk.

MPC is set to all file types it can do and like i said autoplay is worthless for this least as it is default.

BTW this setup has worked for me for at least XP heck maybe even win 98 and now out of the blue .........with win 10 its broke. I am on the destroyer version (had to reinstall after update) ..oops the creator version of win 10.

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