How Can I Point Music app at One Drive Music Folder?

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I use OneDrive to make my stuff available on all my devices - PC, laptop, Android tab, Lumia 930 and Asus Windows 8.1 tab - having moved from Dropbox but I can't find any way to point the Music app on my Lumia 930 to the folder in One Drive that holds my music and the app doesn't find it itself automatically.
I think the problem arises because the One Drive stuff doesn't get synced to local storage - ie the One Drive music folder doesn't really exist on your phone at all - with its contents being downloaded when you access them (select them), from cloud storage.
I don't want to have to duplicate my music folder and I don't really want to go back to Dropbox (which worked fine.)
Can anybody help with this?


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Nov 12, 2012
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OneDrive does not sync with your phone like it does on the PC.
When you explicitly fetch a file, it is then downloaded to your phone.

What I personally do is keep my music collection on OneDrive, so its kept in sync across PCs, and when it comes to my phone, just bulk copy it all onto it. And when I add a couple songs, I keep my phone plugged in so I can keep it up-to-date manually.
One could probably just use a syncing app though since the phone appears as a media player.

Although I've stuck with what works for me, there is always the likelihood I am not aware of a better solution.

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