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How can I redirect a virus on my Lumia 720 Internet Explorer?


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Redirect Virus on my Lumia 720 Internet Explorer

My Internet Explorer (Lumia 720) is getting redirected to some porn websites. I checked every setting of Internet Explorer and I found nothing there. Actually there is nothing much to check.
Look at the video below. I had made a video of that weird behavior of my phone. If anyone of you had faced that problem before and know the fix then tell me and if you have not faced that problem before then be careful because it can affect your phone too. I don't know how that "virus" got into my phone. I got some update few days ago. Maybe that was a fake update which actually installed that "redirect virus" on my phone.

And before you tell me that this could be a dns issue then I'll tell you that it's not. Because I'm on my home wi-fi network and that problem doesn't happen with my other phones (lumia 520 and 1020) and on my desktop and laptop. So it's definitely a problem with my phone. Also you can see in the video that the redirection starts once the original website is completely loaded which also discard any possibility of dns issue.

youtube . com/watch?v=QJ49mRoNmVA (remove spaces between youtube and com)


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Apr 3, 2013
Re: Redirect Virus on my Lumia 720 Internet Explorer

I see you're putting the term virus in quotes. It's highly unlikely to be a virus or adware.

Have you closed all your tabs? Have you deleted history?

Have you checked what apps you have installed recently which could be bogus and causing this issue?


Dec 31, 2012
Re: Redirect Virus on my Lumia 720 Internet Explorer

The reason Windows Central is so SLOW in your video (hint hint mods that read this, performance really is this bad in the world...) is all the crappy ads that load on Windows Central. I did a trace once and reported it here in the Site Discussion forum - about 95% of data and time are advert crap that the site is full off. (Yes, I'm bored of holding back on this annoyance with WC).

Well the trouble will banner ads are that people pay to push out just about anything in the ad javascript. In this case some seedy companies are basically pushing out ads that auto-redirect. It's naughty and the WC site manager should be calling his ad provider company or changing companies as this is not the purpose of ads. Someone is abusing their pay spot in the web page to the level where you don't get to see the page!

It is possible that an ISP is doing ad-injection to replace WC official ads too, but the simpler answer is that a bad ad has been pushed in India to one of the companies WC uses.

Mods: This is ruining WC brand - please make sure this is followed up with and fixed.

Why doesn't it happen on your other devices? Any number of reasons. Ads served are specific to the browser (based on cookies) so are unique to device. Perhaps clearing cookies/cache or turning off the Advertising ID will change the result.