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How can I retrieve app data from an sd card?

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how to retrive app data from sd card

i hard reset my phone but didnt backup
now i rerocded a few coversations of my group discussions of my friends using voice recorderTM pro

is there any way to get those recording ??


Jan 27, 2014
Re: how to retrive app data from sd card

If the recordings were being saved on the sd card itself there is a small chance..

How to Recover Deleted Song Files From a Memory Card

This is not the best answer, but rather an indication that it is possible. Google/Bing for more info

Tip: Remove the card from the phone and keep it separate for a while


New member
Jan 12, 2013
Re: how to retrive app data from sd card

You may have a chance recovering them using a file recovery software with your PC... but the chance is very slim. After recovering the files (if you actually recover them), you will need to identify which of those files belong to that app. And then, you would need to identify which among those files are the audio files. And then you hope that the audio files are in an easily-identifiable non-encrypted file format.