How can I transfer contacts & messages from my Nokia E7 to NOKIA LUMIA 730?

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How can i transfer contacts & messages from nokia E7 to NOKIA LUMIA 730

I have bought new lumia 730, now I wanna transfer contacts & messages from Nokia E7 to LUMIA 730.

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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: How can i transfer contacts & messages from nokia E7 to NOKIA LUMIA 730

Please do not post personal contact details on public forums, for your own protection.

Transfer from your Symbian direct to your Lumia does present issues.

Contacts should reside in the cloud associated with an email account. On your Lumia go to Settings > email + accounts > add account > after the account is added tap on the name and choose what syncs to the phone. Contacts/Calendar/eMail...

Messages are different. I assume you mean SMS texts? Those reside with your carrier in their cloud and are associated with your phone number. You kept the same number, yes?

On your Lumia go to Settings > slide the panel over from "system" to "applications." > messaging > select the time period for which to "Download messages from"

If this helps solve all your issues and you want to thank me, you could send me your E7-00. I always fancied that phone and never had one. It is one sexy piece of hardware.

Welcome to Windows Phone.

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