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How do I delete the Lumia recovery firmware from PC?


New member
Aug 19, 2013
How to delete the Lumia recovery firmware from PC

I did my roll back on my 925 using my Dell venue 8 Pro, After the successful roll back from Windows phone 10 to 8. I would love to free up the 1.5Gig storage space firmware is taking. Anyone knows where to find and delete this? Disk clean up doesn't locate... Please advise. Thanks


Jan 6, 2014
Re: How to delete the Lumia recovery firmware from PC

Look in the hidden c:\ProgramData folder, under either Nokia or Microsoft depending which tool you used.

Probably: c:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages

You might want to copy it to offline storage rather than deleting, in case you need it again you can put it back.