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How do I get my replacement Band 2 to pair with my phone?

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I recently received a replacement Band 2 after strap tearing issues with the first. Had no problem setting up the original, this one doesn't seem to want to pair. I've followed all of the instructions, updating, resetting, reinstalling the app...


Trusted Member
Sep 5, 2011
Did you go into the MS Health app on your phone and delete the original band?

Brian Gobrecht

New member
May 20, 2013
There is a replace my band in app. It's in the side menu. But you will need to impair your band from your phone. When you select the replace my band it will delete the previous band off your profile. After the syncing it should start tracking. It will start from 0 on the band but will add steps/activities when you do them to what you have currently.