how long does your battery lasts?


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Nov 10, 2013
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I don't have any issues with the battery until i started using wireless charging!
i charge overnight using wireless charger
Few calls of 2-5 minutes and about 2-3 hours of whatsapp/kik
some browsing on wifi
And at the end of the day battery gets to 10%
mobile data is always off. Bluetooth nfc off. Glance set to peek.
anybody else who uses wireless charger?

I only use wireless charger now and I don't see any difference in it from the wired charger. Is your phone still charging in the morning? When my phone is charged the charger stops charging (the light goes out on the charger)

One of my charging covers had a problem from new, it would take longer to charge the phone and also the phone would heat up during charging. The other cover was fine and the phone would not heat up at all. Both were new and the faulty one was replaced and no other problems after that.


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Jan 11, 2014
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Background Tasks:
  • Bing Weather
  • Fuse (does not refresh when app is not open)
  • Insider Pro
  • Folders
  • Linkedin
  • (My carrier's app, monitors data/voice/sms usage + live tile)
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp

Synced Accounts:
  • Microsoft Account
  • Nokia Account
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Mobile Data On during non-work hours. 3G when necessary, 2G on idle.
Wi-Fi On when at work, 8 hrs/day
Bluetooth Off
Double Tap On (I want to protect my physical button)
Battery Saving On when low
Glance Off
Brightness Auto
Daylight Visibility Off
X-Box Off
Auto-Skydrive photos Off

My typical day would be:

  • Start with 100%, 1 hour of rss reading, Twitter, Owl Reader (work is far). I switch playing games in subway, no more than 10-15 mins, and when I sit on my desk at work I have 70-75%. If there's videos, make that 65-70.
  • I Switch to Wi-Fi, and occasionally check for new stuff until noon, then during mid-day break I drain another 10-15%.
  • Occasional again until 6 pm
  • Head home, 1:30-1:45 hours of trip, same morning routine, and music with FM or Nokia Mix Radio (Couple of offline lists, I refresh them at work). I easily drain another %25.

Counting other stuff as well (a few short talks, a couple of SMS+E-Mail+WhatsApp), I usually get home with 10-15%. 20% if I'm lucky.

It's perfect when idle, %1 per hour (less when it's on 2G). But when I start doing my things, it becomes a time bomb.

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