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How much internal memory does my 1520 have?

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Hey guys,

Got a Lumia 1520 through a developer offer, and I'm hoping to sell it on as I don't need it. I want to how much internal memory it has, but there is literally no information on the box (or in!). I can see the slot for an external memory card, but that is about it. Googling hasn't helped much either; all I know is that it's either 16gb or 32gb.

On the box, it has 'NOKIA 1520.1' and 'CV DEV. DEV WHITE'. If you need any other information, let me know, but does anyone know? Can anyone who has been sent a device by Microsoft confirm the memory size?



New member
Nov 12, 2012
A 1520.1 should have 32GB... Sometimes Dev models get special configurations though.

Just open up Storage Sense (it can be accessed as an App or through settings).

Look at used and free space and add them together. Obviously it never totals the exact amount, but you get the idea.