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How to delete bad email address in drop down list, but not in contacts,

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I have teh same problem as here
I need to delete a bad email address that is not in my contacts anywhere (so I can't delete it that way), yet it is offered in the drop down list. It is embarrassing, and I need to delete it, please.
I have a Nokia 630

Bryant White

New member
Oct 12, 2014
Give some time to the time, reading the other threads answers it says that after the system learns about your frequents contacts.
IMO that something attached to the app's cache memory so, if you could get a way to delete the cache you could get rid of the misspelled address; i don't know if that's even possible in Windows Mobile/Phone, but i guess if you unlink that account and link it again it could fix it, but i'm not sure about that, you can give it a shot.