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How to fix this strange issue in my lumia 920? (lumia logo+spinning gears)

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I tried to update my lumia 920 to windows 10 using the windows insider program, i selected the fast update, I downloaded the update and then installed it and i ended up with this strange problem:
After the spinning gears finished loading, they showed again and they were spinning but the loading bar was not moving at all and they keep spinning for 1-2 mins then my phone vibrates and shows the lumia logo for 1-2 min then the spinning gears appear again and this cycle continues and it is still happening till now, the problem is that I cant afford to lose my data which includes my pics, videos and documents...it there any solution for this issue that fix my phone and in the same time does not affect my data?


New member
Oct 3, 2013
I'm sorry, but I don't think that it's possible to keep your personal files, you need to use Lumia software recovery tool :/

Did you try removing the SIM card? Or soft reset?