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How to log in the WPC app if you have account made with facebook,twitter,microsoft or google.

Nokia Boy

New member
Sep 22, 2013
Because i noticed many people ask how to connect to the WPC app if they have facebook,twitter,microsoft or google,i decided to say it here -Please an admin make it sticky-

Original poster: James Falconer
Our various forums apps will NOT let you login using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Microsoft Account. You will need to specify a password within Passport to login to ANY forums app at this time.

To do this, please do the following:

1. At the top right of the website, click the cog-wheel.
2. Click on 'Your Account' in the drop down menu.
3. Enter a password.

From there, use your Passport username and password to login to the forums app.


New member
Sep 14, 2013
Awesome. I was struggling with this problem did not know how to login with Google Acc.
Followed the steps. but I still had to change password in "Your Account"