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How to permanently remove passwords from edge


New member
Jul 20, 2014
I use edge to manage saved passwords for web forums and sites that I am ok with lower security and wondering if there is a way to permanently delete a saved password. Because I use Edge on both my phone and PC, I suspect that it keeps syncing old passwords that I have previously deleted. No matter what, I can't seem to get rid of saved passwords, they always seem to return at a later date.

Sagnik Pal

New member
Aug 6, 2016
Open Microsoft Edge > Three dot menu > Settings > Clear browsing data > Check passwords > Clear.
I guess this is what you have been trying to do right?

Windows Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings > Turn off passwords.
Now once again delete the passwords.

Do this on each and every device you signed in with the same account, to make sure it's nowhere in the cloud.

hOPE THIS hELPS! Good Luck!