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May 14, 2017
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1. Versatility

Microsoft is leading in this new category and it’s clearly paying off. Each new iteration of the Surface range shows us another glimpse of Microsoft’s vision for PCs.

A versatile computer that adapts to the task, but doesn’t compromise on power. The Surface certainly achieves some of that. Breaking off the display from the magnetically-attached keyboard is a flawless process, quickly transforming your Surface from a typing tool into a touch-based tablet experience.

2. Pen

We’re entering a new dawn of stylus wars, with Microsoft and Apple standing on either side aggressively waving their writing weapons at each other. Microsoft is laying down a serious challenge to other stylus makers, because the Surface Pen is excellence in cylindrical form.

It’s more sensitive than ever (it can register 1024 levels of pressure, which is four times as much as the previous Pen). There’s also the reimaged design, which has a flat side to mimic a pencil, an eraser that can be used as an eraser and the fact that it magnetically attaches to the Surface.

The Pen’s main draw is how it can be used to navigate around Windows 10. Smart ideas like annotating webpages, sketching (the tip is interchangeable for different types of pens) and shortcuts via clicking the Pen’s buttons make it a delight to use.

3. Power

In raw performance terms, the Surface is a powerhouse. Obviously it depends on the version you buy, but even the cheapest model comes with impressive specs. The version I reviewed – 6th generation Intel Core i5 with 8GB of RAM – was lightning fast. You can comfortably run programmes like Premiere Pro and Photoshop without any hiccups, as you’d expect with those specifications.


The actual display itself is a thing of beauty. The Surface comes with an unnecessarily opulent resolution upgrade from 2160×1440 to 2736 x 1824, with 267 pixels per inch. That’s better than the main Apple competition in the iPad Pro (264ppi for 13-inch) and even the MacBook Air (128ppi).

It’s also brighter than the last Surface and has better colour accuracy, which is good news for both film watchers and artists alike.

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