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I had to hard reset my lumia phone and now it won't allow me to log into my ms account??

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I had to hard reset my phone, now every time when I try to log in or sigh up for a ms account it won't allow me, by saying it can't connect. It said also that it might be error code 80070057, but I've checked my date, time, internet connection and even a soft reset on my phone. Everything is fine and the reset hasn't worked? What do I do now to log in?


New member
Feb 5, 2017
i had to hard reset last night my lumia 1320 and 520, and i cant connect to ms acc with double telephones.
my internet is ok
my date is ok
my updates are ok
i think this error born last day and this is general error.

Scienceguy Labs

Trusted Member
Jun 13, 2012
If I were you, I'd perform another hard reset. Since you've been unable to log in, you really don't have any saved data to worry about erasing.