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I have a Windows 10 Insider upgrade problem, can I get some help?

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windows 10 insider upgrade problem

i was upgrading to windows 10 insider preview and while doing that i guess my battery drained out. although i had connected it to a charger but i think that there wasn't proper connection and thus while upgrading ( when two gears come ) my battery died out. when i try to charge it starts up with microsoft logo and then two gears appear. after some time they disappear and i guess that it shuts down and again reboots. if i try to switch on the device without connecting it to a charger then it doesn't reboot and switches off after hose gears some there. any help would e welcomed


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Jul 10, 2012
Re: windows 10 insider upgrade problem

Unfortunately your software install process might have been corrupted. Your only option would be to restore back to the last available ROM using Windows Phone Recovery and start the update process again.

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