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iCal calendars on WP and W8


New member
Feb 4, 2014

Frustration is imminent.

I have made a PowerShell script that logs into my gym's scheduling website, extracts the sessions I am attending, creating a ICS file and publishing it on one of my servers. This works fine. I can add the url to the ICS as a subscription on calendar.live.com and everything is smooth. The calendar is available in both WP and W8 calendar app.

The problem is that Microsoft and I strongly disagree how often a calender subscription should be updated. According to this article Import or subscribe to a calendar in Outlook.com - Microsoft Windows, a subscription is refreshed on a 24 to 48 hour basis. IMHO this should be hourly... I have also seen quite a lot of complaints that the refresh is very unreliable and some times do not work at all.

I have tried adding the calendar as a shared calendar in Google Calendar; its refresh time is a bit quicker, but the W8 app does not support it, and it is still not fast enough for me being satisifed (Google refreshes every 12-24 hours).

Any of you guys have a good way to get a calendar subscriptions on both W8 and WP quickly?

My thoughts:
- I can update the calendar with the script.
- I can send the calendar events as emails to myself, and manually add them to a calendar. I'd rather have it automatic.

Matt J

New member
Jul 25, 2013
Frustration is here my friend. Because of Microsoft's absolute refusal to adopt the CalDAV open standard, we can't even sync our Google Calendars on Windows 8.x. The whole ICS update schedule is ridiculous. It should update every time the calendar is opened.... no days later, and apparently at random.

This lack of CalDAV has been the single biggest thorn in my side since I bought the Surface 2.

Microsoft let me down.

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