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May 18, 2016
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Hey everyone,

Sorry my first post isn't exactly a positive one but I'm stuck and need some assistance from my fellow Windows phone gang. Yesterday the screen for my wife's Lumia Icon went black. If you press the windows home logo it vibrates, if you press the power button the search, back and windows home logo light up, but the screen remains black.
I've done a soft reset, hard reset(mostly guessing because the exclamation mark never displayed,) and finally I used the Windows recovery tool but nothing has worked as the Icon is still displaying a black screen.

My Icon is working fine, and I set up my wife's Icon the same as mine. Our phones are set to Insider Release Preview, and currently my Icon is on OS build: 10.0.10586.318, so I presume she was on the same build when it occurred.

For what it's worth, my wife has dropped her Icon a sh*t-ton of times, so I'm thinking it may not be entirely a software. I'm thinking that might be the Icons way of saying, "no mas!" :grin:
Anyways, I'm out of ideas, so if anyone can provide any insight or has an idea it would be much appreciated.

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