If I import a music album the tracklist is spread across 2 albums and out of order. How can I get it to stay in one album?

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If I import a music album the tracklist is spread across 2 albums and out of order.

Hello. I have a new Lumia 950 XL and I am syncing an album (The Stone Roses) onto it.
When I do so, my phone puts track 6 into an album called 'The Stone Roses'. The remainder of the tracks are found in an 'unknown album' and they are in the wrong order.
I have tried using WMP to sync. and I have tried copying the album folder manually into the music folder directly onto the phone. When copying directly, I allow Windows Explorer to convert the tracks from lossless wma (doesn't say to what but looking at the result it's lossy wma, metadata claims 0kbps but it plays in WMP).
The album at source is stored in a folder named 'The Stone Roses' and contains numbered tracks within.
I'm assuming the file metadata is correct because using WMP to sync. this album to my previous Lumia 920 running WP8.1 worked just fine. WMP also views and plays the album fine.
This problem occurs also with other albums, so you can see importing a few dozen albums is akin to chucking htem into a blender. Any ideas how I can play the music I choose to play in the order I choose to play it? Any help appreciated.


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Nov 8, 2013
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For Pink Floyd, The Wall, I renumbered the 2nd disk manually, to follow the sequence set by the first disk. But playing it this way is not as smooth, as track separations interrupt.
I started to rename or renumber the rest of my list, but there are too many and I stopped.
"Shuffle All" is the best way to deal with it. But then it seems to play the Same stuff day after day, with a few different ones thrown in once in a while.

I have a couple albums I downloaded as single files, so it plays the whole way through. But that was many years ago over now illegal file share.

I would like to know how to rip a CD as a single file, to play uninterrupted.

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