If you have Verizon, you must be ballin' Guess who is second most expensive?


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Jun 20, 2011
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According to a story published on BGR, Verizon customers pay the highest price when it comes to cell phone service. No real surprise to many of us. Second is surprising to me, Sprint.

"Cowen?s Q4 study surveyed 1,876 wireless subscribers in the U.S. and found that Verizon bills averaged $148 per month including taxes and fees. Sprint has the second most expensive service at $144 on average, followed by AT&T at $141. Not surprisingly, T-Mobile has the cheapest service on average at $120 per month.

A similar study performed by Cowen in the third quarter last year yielded comparable results. Verizon was the most expensive at $153 per month, T-Mobile was the cheapest at $133, and AT&T and Sprint were in the middle at $147 and $143, respectively."

Version says, "we know it and we have no intentions of competing on price."


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Jul 4, 2011
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First off, thanks for taking the chore of watching BGR for WP stories. I have very little interest in BGR, even if they have some occasional correct information.

Second, I do not think there is one person using Big Red that would be surprised by this. There have been all kinds of discussions popping up on threads, and usually it boils down to this:

-You are paying for the network on Verizon. Their LTE is widespread, and whatever the next version of that network is (LTE+, I think), Verizon will have it first. Their rural coverage is by far the most widespread. But you pay a little more and may have to be a little less demanding on devices.

-You get the widest and most complete selection of phones on AT&T. I also applaud them on their recent attempts to add value to the cost of their plans. Their network is easily #2, but well behind Verizon. Still- all things considered, AT&T's only weak link is their customer service.

-Sprint is.... well... unlimited, I guess. Really, I am kinda lost on how Sprint is competing. Their network is larger then T-Mobiles, but their indoor performance is horrid and their pricing has always been a little high for what they offer. Since WebOS bombed and the HTC Arrive was unsupported, they are all iPhone/Android, and their phone selection isn't that great at all.

Unlimted. Yep, they are unlimited.

-T-Mobile is aggresive in pricing and has a lower end but respectable phone selection. But, boy does their rural coverage blow chunks. And paying full price for their phones can be a real burden.


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Aug 29, 2013
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Well my Verizon bill for 3 with 6GB shared data equals what my old US Cell bill was for 2 with separate data. Having an eligible discount on Verizon certainly helps in that comparison. Oh, and I get to enjoy actual LTE service and decent throughput. Not to mention some phone choice. I'm not complaining, as long as the cell service is good, I'm good.


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Mar 1, 2011
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Something went crazy when I merged Jazmac's thread and mines. Jazmac is the original thread creator but it listed my post first. o_0

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