I'm in an extremely rare position to say this...


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Sep 30, 2012
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As someone that's been a normal member, ambassador and now a moderator I think I'm in the incredibly rare position to 'take a peek behind the curtain' and see what really goes on behind the scenes here at WPCentral but in general at every Mobile Nation Forum I'm sure. So I'll just say this:

Before you get worried this isn't be saying goodbye. This is me speaking on behalf of the community that really don't have a clue what you guys do here. It's truly mind-blowing to me having been given the opportunity to moderate here (and with you guy's help I'm still learning every day how to do as good a job of it as you all do!). Coming from both being a member and an ambassador you really have no clue how much work you guys put in. Approving posts, moderating posts, scouring the forum for posts that are a detriment to the community and spam-busting.

You are doing such a great job that I never realised even half of the things that you guys did every day, day by day. That's one of the highest compliments I could ever think of giving to any moderators or admins on any forum, ever. You manage to keep this forum so clean and organised that you make it look effortless and in doing so you directly help to encourage the right kinds of behaviours on the forum as well as providing a place where constructive criticism is welcome. This is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on the internet.

I could go on a lot longer about each individual task you guys perform every day and the literally thousands of threads you read in order to keep the right tone in the forum but I think I've got the basic point across. Sometimes this really is a thankless job, and people really don't appreciate the efforts each one of you go to in order to benefit the wider community and keep it growing. You get the thick end of the stick from the people that thrive on causing friction and you deserve much more recognition than you get.

So from someone that's been afforded the rare position to be able to see both sides of the coin and recognise the work, I say again... Thank you all!

Now... back to guarding the forum from those darn dirty spammers! *get's spam hammer out*

Dave Blake

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Jan 11, 2008
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It really is a thankless job sometimes it's great that we can support each other. You all have my deepest gratitude for everything you do. Its great seeing the form grow and knowing that it's all because of your efforts. This team really does control the destiny and content of this form. What happened here what's discussed and how is decided buy this team. Having a place to go and talk about the topics of the day without having to deal with the unruly side of humanity is a tribute to the efforts of you all. again I can't thank you enough. And thanks for starting this thread Steve
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