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Impossible to get into Insider program with Lumia 830

Julien Garrigue

New member
Nov 14, 2017
I'm just trying to activate Windows Insider program on a Lumia 830 still in Anniversary Update. But after sign up, to the program, I just have a button "get started" and when I click on it, I go to a text page, I can't choose the level.
However, the account is currently linked to the insider program.
I tried to restart the phone, connect to wifi and look for updates.... I'm stuck at the same point... :(
Any help please?
Thank you


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
The 830, like many other phones from that generation have long since been abandoned and barred from the Insider program by Microsoft.

The workaround involves making the phone appear as a supported model but I'm not familiar with it having never attempted it, but its something many have done.


New member
Sep 18, 2013
Make sure you set the option correct in Privacy. On diagnostic you need to select "Full" and the option below you need to set to "Automatic". Then you will be able to get into the insider rings again.

I had the same issue with my 950, took me a day to figure this out.