Inaccessable website on IE


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Oct 17, 2011
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Hi, I have a problem.
I use IE on Lumia 920 to access ipot ultima, a trading system for stocks, today. It is suggested for Iphone/Phone. I can access it easily using Chrome browser on Android HTC One X.

However when I try to use it with IE10, the stock number did not show up. Another thing is it os very hard to access the drop down menu. It's practically impossible.

Is there way to solve this ? I want to exchange my One X with 920.


Edited : Further test by IE9 on Windows 7 also show the same result. Is there no alternative browser in the market place ?

Edited 2 : The website is intended for Mozilla Firefox.
How do I get around this ? Is there some sort of compatibility mod or hacking so the website will work properly ?
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