Is also Cortana abandoned now?


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Jul 31, 2015
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Back in the days when I used a Windows phone my assistant was Cortana. I was newer really impressed but it was more or less the option I had. However, I did use it for simple things and I took it for granted that Cortana would develop over time.

Since I became an Android user I dropped Cortana (I did never bother to use it on the computer).

Now, today, I got curious and activated Cortana on my laptop, BUT, jez it is SO bad!

I do understand that certain adaptation, training and set up is needed but HOW can an “assistant” at the end of 2017 not do simple things like: Control Spotify (even though I did add it as a music service in Cortana…?), check and read my office email from Outlook/office 365, control more than a handful services for smart homes, download more than a handful of “skills”?

The lack of skills, the lack of deeper integration with Office 365 and the lack of (the by MS recommended) Spotify makes Cortana feel abandoned. Has anything improved regarding Cortana during the last years? Is killing Cortana another “bright vision” in Nadellas head? :devil:
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Dec 20, 2012
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she is way behind other AI assistants to say the least. I dont use it on my PC or Laptop. My windows phones are sitting collecting dust these days, but cant be much better on there. On Android she is terrible, Bixby is even ahead of the game. Microsoft are just falling further and further behind in the consumer space these days. Windows 10 is a complete mess and they seem to focus on trying to bring gimmicky crap to the table instead of fixing major bugs in the OS and getting something out the door that runs solid. My experience differs depending on what I'm using at the time with different things going wrong on different hardware. Microsoft are the mess right now and i dont really see that changing unless they fire most of their execs.


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Nov 20, 2013
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I try to use Cortana as I seem to trust MS a little better than others especially now that I have went to Samsung. But using GA and Bixby I can tell you Cortana is falling far behind. I reset a spare laptop with voice only (except for wifi password) is really the last time I used Cortana on the daily.

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