Is it easy or hard for dust to get into the Surface Pro 4(i5)??


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Mar 5, 2017
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I have had my Surface Pro 4 i5/8GB of RAM/256GB of storage model(with the dark blue type cover) for nearly 6 months now and it is a awesome Windows 2-1 hybrid tablet especially for gaming haha. :D

But since the i5 core model has air vents all around the device which it is great. But this problem i have is causing me really really bad anxiety that the dust will get in to my Surface Pro 4 and make the device heat up a lot more easily and make it very hot but thankfully and luckily it has not been the case and it still remain pretty cool and not heat up and get hot easily soo far.

At the moment to avoid dust getting in my Surface Pro 4 i5 model and i am always always 24/7 trying to make sure that i keep my Surface Pro 4 a least about 1 or 2/3 hands length away from example a sofa, clothes, pillows and bed sheets and lots more that might contain dust that might get in the air vents of my Surface Pro 4 and i am very hesitant to put my Surface Pro 4(in a protective case) in a bag which all so might contain dust which i don't want to do!!!

And when i have the Surface Pro 4 laying flat(on a bed sheets, on a table, etc) especially when using it, The fans are always very very near to the cotton of the bed sheets and on the table which might have dust..

So at the moment when i use the Surface Pro 4 when laying flat i have a big book under my Surface Pro 4 or using the kickstand to prevent dust getting it in as quickly.

But since this is giving me really really bad anxiety and i don't really know if i am very paranoid or not because i am thinking what if one day in the future that my Surface Pro 4 really really heats up badly easily and is very hot and has lots of dust inside that i am not be able to get the dust out of my Surface Pro 4 so what am i going to do then, I will be really screwed!!! :(:(

I have had my Surface Pro 4 with the dark blue type cover for nearly 6 months now since the end of February for my Birthday and this was way before the new 2017 Surface Pro even got announced so if i waited a bit more longer, I would of got the new 2017 Surface Pro i5/8GB of RAM/256GB of storage model which has no air vents for the i5 core model. :)

So Surface Pro owners is it easy or hard for dust to get in the Surface Pro air vents and make the device heat up a lot more often and more easily?? And how is your Surface Pro doing in heat/temperature wise and how long have you had your Surface Pro?? What is the normal CPU temperature for the Surface Pro 4 i5 model?? and am i being very paranoid and worrying too much about this?? :| :|
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Dec 22, 2016
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Dust can build up inside just like any other tablet or laptop with a fan, how easily it happens, I don't know.

All I can really say is my SP3 after 3 years struggles to run games that it had no problem when new, it gets hot and throttles. Frame rates start high, drop significantly 5 to 10 minutes in. Instead of my I5 boasting to a higher clock, it drops below it's default speed, GPU drops too. I used a vacuum on mine, it helped, but it's probably not a good idea.

Every desktop and laptop I've ever owned needed to be cleaned out eventually because dust builds up, Surface doesn't seem to be any different from my experience. Too bad I can't open it and clean it.

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