Is There Anything Left from the Nokia Acquisition?

Keith Wallace

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Nov 8, 2012
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I've heard you (Dan), say quite a few times that we shouldn't expect a great camera from Andromeda because that's not the main objective of the device. It reminded me that camera optics were pretty much THE thing high-end Lumias had to separate from the sea of alternatives. It would seem, now, that the famed Carl Zeiss tech we got isn't going to be around.

That left me to wonder: What IS around from the $7.5 billion Microsoft spent on the Nokia mobile division? The Nokia brand is gone. The Lumia brand is dead. The camera's gone. The OS has undergone two major upheavals (W10M, now apparent W10C). Are any of the key employees who came over left? Is the software from the Lumia camera (Arguably its weakest point when it launched, but it certainly got better) around? Could it exist in Andromeda?

I cared a lot about having a nice camera on my 920 and (now) my 950. When you say "don't expect a great camera," what does that mean? Does it mean we should expect to be worse than the competition, or merely just as good, rather than best-in-class like before? Should we expect a OP5 disappointment, where we lose something as key to me as OIS? Will the entirety of Microsoft's mobile efforts be stripped bare and reset, or will any of the positive legacy stick around?

Laura Knotek

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Mar 31, 2012
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You were one of the few US customers that had a Nokia smartphone. Their choices with carriers were abysmal with the exception of the E71 on AT&T and later the E73 Mode on TMO. Fact is, I'm actually trying to hunt down one of those E73s for my backup duties.
I had the Nokia E61 and the E71. You're right about limited availability. Nobody I knew had any idea what those phones were. I thought they were very advanced for their time and had great features.

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