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Issues with Here Maps on 920

Gino Guillermo

New member
Sep 4, 2013
Hi there.

I am a community nurse which visits patients in the morning. My phone is my indispensable companion in finding the addresses of my clients. I've recently bought my very first Windows Phone the Nokia Lumia 920. I've since updated the software to the developer 8.1 and the changes was a welcome sight with someone coming from Android & iOS.

I need a Maps app with voice navigation to guide me on my everyday travels i.e. walking to my patients. I also need to make sure that the Maps i'm using won't be a drain on my battery too much as in the case of Here Maps when from 100% charge tried testing on a sample route, stayed in my address but it didn't have voice and the battery went down to 80% in less than an hour testing. I must be doing something wrong.

Please help. Thanks.

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