issues with my band - app crashes when I access sleep data


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May 3, 2013
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hi folks,
I have a band, shipped from usa to rome!
It worked like a charm for a couple of weeks then something happened, dont know what.
Basically when I access my sleep data, the app crashes, simply like that.
I tried everything but nothing worked and dont know what to do.

So a few info:
lumia 1520
band large

What I have already tried:
- change region from italy to usa: I install the app from the usa store, then I got back to italy region. It was working. then, when the issues arose, I went back to usa, but it was useless, region is not affecting the problem
- remove the app, install it again. nothing
-reset the band: nothing
-unpair the band, remove it from the app. nothing

What I am about to try:
use another windowsphone (which I dont have right now but my friend will bring me soon (we love wp in italy)

What I believe:
data in the cloud can be corrupted, but I dont know how to access and erase them from my msft account. reset the band or the app doesnt work.

Anymore suggestion?

I do really need the sleep data, I have trouble on sleeping and I badly need the info the band can provide me

but, so far, instead of helping with my sleep, the band is keeping me awake at night to solve the problem :evil::evil::winktongue:

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