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Apr 20, 2011
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Hey guys, I just wanted to let people know about my app, "lil todo". It's a to-do app that tries to incorporate some ideas from the Getting Things Done method of organizing tasks. You can check out more info here: introducing lil todo

The app is totally free and has no ads, trial, or any limitations like that. I'm quite proud of the app and think it's super useful, so that's why I'm promoting it. :)

I know there are some things people are always looking for and want to know right away, so I'll tell you now:
- no, it doesn't have a live tile or push notifications, although these will definitely get added with the Mango update since they are adding some OS features to make this easier. (Right now, when you launch the app, you are alerted when a task has become overdue, and you can easily see what tasks are coming up that you'll need to take care of.)
- no, you can't sync with Outlook tasks or Windows Live tasks or any cloud service. I'm hoping in the long term to have a desktop client one day, though. (Cloud service is not likely at this point since I want to keep this free.)

That said, there are some really cool features in there, like automatic filing of tasks to context based on keyword. For instance, if you create a "buy xyz" task, that gets automatically filed into a "Shopping" context. If you create a "watch game of thrones" task, that automatically goes into a "Watching" context. You can also create projects and sub-projects. Anyway, more info at the link above, so give it a try. It's free!


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