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Like my WindowsPhone but do miss my Blackberry because;


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Oct 2, 2013
I like my WindowsPhone. I really do. I was one of the early adopters. I was even more excited when I FINALLY got my T-Mobile 8.1 update with Cortana. Cortana is very nice. I had an iPhone 4s and have experience with Siri, and I do like Cortana better.

But I still have my old BlackBerry 9780 Legacy running OS6. And I sometimes, during a busy week in business, catch myself removing the SIM from my WindowsPhone and popping it back in my BlackBerry. I have Simple Mobile and BlackBerry BIS is included at no charge, so I can go from WindowsPhone to real BlackBerry service in a SIM swap.

So WHY do I miss BlackBerry? Automation mostly. BlackBerry did a lot of things so well and so automatically, especially for a busy business professional.

BLACKBERRY TRAVEL is a good example. The phone screened all incoming emails, stripped out travel confirmation emails, and put them in BlackBerry Travel and on your Calendar AUTOMATICALLY. No user intervention required. And it worked correctly. For me, 100 percent of the time. I travel extensively, and this was a nice feature. Yes, I have used TripIt and currently WORLDMATE, and they work, but I find that I have to FORWARD my travel confirmation emails to them for it to work at all, and they do not automatically populate my Calendar. Not a huge deal for some I suppose, but when you travel extensively and have many years of BlackBerry doing it FOR you under your belt, it can be annoying.

NOBEX CONTACTS is another example. Nobex would scan all incoming emails and strip out CONTACT INFORMATION automatically without operator intervention IF and ONLY IF it was "NEW" contact information and give the operator an option to ADD this contact info to the CONTACTS Library or not. Yes, I have tried apps on WindowsPhone, but none do this automatically like BlackBerry did, and with the reliability of Nobex.

ACCEPTING GOTOMEETING INVITATIONS is another example for me, and, a hardship. I've tried for months to get my WindowsPhone to do this correctly. It simply can't seem to get it right. My BlackBerry would simply pop up "ACCEPT MEETING INVITATION?" when I scrolled onto a GoToMeeting Invitation. I'd click YES and it would ACCEPT and pop ALL the pertinent information into my Calendar. ALL of it. My WindowsPhone Accepts well enough, but unfortunately it then DELETES the original Invitation, and only puts the fact that I have a GotoMeeting Appointment on a specific Date and Time into my Calendar. It strips out ALL pertinent data. I have NO IDEA what number to call, I have no PIN number, and no website to visit. This is a REAL problem for someone whom attends a lot of GoToMeeting online meetings. I can't figure this out. It would be AWESOME if this worked and I could actually USE the "GoToMeeting" WindowsPhone APP. My Legacy Berry does not have a GotoMeeting App, so WindowsPhone would have a clear advantage here for me. However, with it stripping out all the data upon ACCEPTANCE, it's useless, and for the life of me I can't figure out what the heck is going on here with this issue. It must be an App or Core programming issue. I find it hard to believe the Programmers did not know that when you Accept a GoToMeeting Invitation that you actually do need the KEY DATA ported to your Calendar, NOT just the date and time. Even the amazing Kreskin would be at a loss if he did not know what number to dial, what his PIN was, and what the web address of the meeting was.

So those are three KEY examples. Sure, I loved the day long batter life of my Berry, but that's not a huge issue. I understand a newer Dual Core Full Screen Touch device is going to use more power. I could also say I love the way my BlackBerry BRIDGE works with my PlayBook automatically porting emails and texts both ways. And I could site the fact that I sometimes just "FEEL" more productive with a Berry when the going gets tough in Business. Still, I stick with my WindowsPhone because it does so many things so well and more "modern" than the Berry. But when it falls short, it can be tough on a busy business professional.
Yes, I sometimes do revert back to my BlackBerry during times of business Stress. But all in all, I LOVE WINDOWS PHONE.

I am Hoping that these issues, OVER TIME, will continue to be smoothed out, that Apps will become more Robust, and things like being able to PROPERLY Accept "GoToMeeting" requests will work correctly. I'm convinced the WP8.1 Platform is superior to many platforms out there, I am just hoping that it will CONTINUE to get BETTER. Especially for a Frequent Traveler and a Business Owner that runs two companies. I rely on my SmartPhone as my personal Assistant. I just need him to be a little more automated and precise on my WindowsPhone.

Comments more than welcome gentlemen. If you have any work-arounds or insight, kindly let me know.

Thank you.

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