Linked contacts disappear then magically re-emerge.


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Jun 2, 2011
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Something horrible keeps happening to my linked contacts. They keep disappearing then reappearing. Its really confusing trying to figure why this is happening and I hope MS fixes this. But I know one reason how its happening and whats causing it. The other reason I have no idea. :(

Anyway, let say I just added Amanda Bynes to my phone book as number 123-456-7890. Then I link the contact with her FB page. Two Amanda's into one, that's great. Now if Amanda decides to temporally delete her FB, or delete it all together this screws with my phone book. How? While she deletes her FB page, somehow that action deletes her name/contact/number completely out of my phone book. I might even be lucky to find her number 123-456-7890 in a text message.

This is in fact happening because I experience it weekly when my cousin temporarily deletes her Facebook page. When she decides to un-delete it BAAM! Like magic her FB contact pops right back into my phone book with name/contact/number.

Has anyone else experienced this disappearing and re-emerging of your contacts, and how can one inform MS about this issue?


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